Pecan Trout

We’re cooking Pecan Trout with Ted’s Montana Grill.
over t o the kitchen. >> stop talking about raul and micah like that. micah is the chef and raul ra is the general managerag offed’s montan a grill and you’re here to make what? >> pecan encrusted trout. .>> is it pecan or pecan? >> i’m from the south so it’s pecan. >> what’s this? >> we have w all of our ingredients toed make the egg wash for the trout and we have our bread toppings as well. s >> how long does the process ss take? >> not that long once youg getce all the things together. it’s just a matter of mixing it up. >> here’s the pecan or pecan pieces, depending on what part of the worldld you’reou from, panko, p bread crumbs, old baeay seasoning, se plaque pepper and kosher salt. find t he ingredients on line at foxprovidence.com. coand raul, talk aboutta ted’s montana grill, nice day to be there today. >> we do have a patio areaea outside, we’ve been over for a little over thro



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