Pecan Rolls

Pecan rolls
>>> nothing put as family in a better mood than some homemade bacon just filing the air. scott peacock shows us now how to whip up some pecan rols. >> fresh-baked sticky buns are a great way to start the wekend. >> let me show you how to make the dough. >> ok. >> we’ve got some yeast that we dissolve in a quarter cup of warm water, and we have three-quarters of a cup of milk that we’ve heated up, melted some butter in there and a little bit of creme fraiche or sour cream. now that’s cooled down. a couple eggs and then some unbleached, all-purpose flour. we’ll put two cups in to start with and then a tablespoon ofkoer salt ove theop and thene’lpt ather two us nb nleaed l-urpose for in te gorous. >> it’s a beautiful, rich, not too sweet dough. we’ll let this rise until it’s doubled like this one has, and this one is ready to go ahead and proceed with the recipe. >> you have a way of making



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