Pears Gourmet And Marathon Venture

John Larsen and Jim Kosalos explain “fruit to your cup”!
>> as you are drinking a cup of coffee do you wonder where it comes from? >> is it sustainable? >> from pear’s gourmet we are happy to welcome back jim larson and the partner in sustainable coffee. it is interesting story. how did you met? >> well we took our management team down to puerta vallerta and i’ll call it a retreat and it was the success over the past five years and planning for the next five years and we had down time and mike my partner and i took our wives on a day expedition in the mountains. i told mike i can’t go down to mexico and not see the coffee-growing so we arranged a guide we found ourselves three four hours into the mountains and seeing a small town and seeing coffee growing and for us it was an awakening of what happens from the food to the cup and we saw what was happening. and we wanted to see more growers and we found it very difficult for us as growers to br



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