Peanutty Asian Pasta

Peanutty Asian Pasta
days. >>> the chef is back with his quest to get us to eat our veggies. he joins us on how to make a highly nutritious asian pasta dish. >> i like this quest thing going on. >> yeah, it smells delicious this morning. >> we’ve kind of shied away from eating the oils that we grew up with not grew up with, but we grew up with lenard, shortening, safflower and wesson oil but were told not to use coconut oil. daniel, it imparts such an exciting flavor to every dish. you noticed it wafting across the studio. >> i don’t know about waft. >> we can get this in any thai restaurant is. the only thing they do that i don’t is cook the vegetables to oblivion. i started with coconut oil, not milk, but oil. a little hot peppers, serrano peppers. i’m taking some napa cabbage which is highly nutritious, red peppers. >> putting that in oil. >> carrots. exactly, we’ll saute it not more than 30 seconds. we k



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