Peanut Butter Recall Information

If in doubt. you may just want to throw it out.
safe to eat? the centers for disease control and prevention has linked a salmonella outbre certain peanut butter products. there have been a few deaths reported from this outbreak. experts recommend keeping away from things flavored with peanut butter like cookies and ice cream as well as crackers. if in doubt you may just want to throw it out. “we’re not really too concerned with the jars of peanut butter. it’s if the peanut butter has been bought in bulk. anywhere from five pounds to seventeen hundred pounds.” so how do you know if you have salmonella poisoning? the health department says you’ll begin feeling ill between 12 and 72 hours after eating the contaminated product. you can experience flu- like symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea and fever. if you start to feel sick.. contact your doctor immediately. some



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