Peanut Brittle

peanut brittle
brittle or thick brittle. i try to spread this out as thin as possible. laura: one local business is sweetening the lafayette area, despite a nationwide peanut butter recall. >>good evening. i’m laura kirtley. >>> laura: local families, businesses and organizations joined the nation in pushing aside certain peanut butter products during the salmonella outbreak. but one area resident who found out her peanut product was “safe” embraces the food. renetta dubose joins us with a closer look at a local peanut brittle business. renetta,? >> renetta: how often can you take wha it into a business? well, that’s exactly what lafayette resident sandy smith did. now, after 30 years of preparing and giving out peanut brittle as christmas gifts, she’s selling it. >>renetta dubose: sandy smith says she doesn’t really like to cook. but after enlightening the taste buds of a few…she found herself in th



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