Peach Raspberry Smoothie

Peach raspberry smoothie
something different. why not hype up some smoothies they make a great afternoon snack. i call ireland the smoothy queen. this is her latest, it is a peach raspberry smoothy. >> hi everybody. today we’re going to make a peach raspberry smoothy. i love smoothies because they’re like nut cakes, super healthy and they have fruit. what’s not to like? so every summer my mom makes a peace raspberry cobbler. why not turn it into a smoothy. i like to use frozen peaches and frozen fruit. if you use ice it just waters down the smoothy and doesn’t make it taste as good. and you also throw in a half cup of frozen raspberries, another half cup of milk, a little bit of honey, it’s sticking to the bowl. and one container of peach yogurt. you can use vanilla, but i’m going to make this super peachy. try and get all that yogurt in there. all right. let’s put the top in and blend it up real nice. here we g



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