PB And Marshmallow Bread Pudding

We’re cooking Peanut Butter Chip and Marshmallow Bread Pudding with Caramel Ice Cream with One Bellevue from Hotel Viking .
speaking of always fashionable, let’s head over to vince dementri in the kitchen.ki >> thanks very much, my friend. we have stuff falling all over ov the flames and here we haveav stuff they shouldn’tld be touching. excusecu me sir. s chef kevin is here h from newport grill in newport, rhode island. you’ve thrown everything in here h but the kitchen sink.tcsi >> we’re doing w peanut butter chips and marshmallow red pudding, within carmel ice cream, and sauce. >> how is it g ioing together. >> we’re g woing to mix eggs, cream, add sugar, then w,e’ren going to fully incorporate the bread. >> what kind of bread? >> in is port gassy sweet bread from f all river. >> and the bread makes a a difference. ce >> the bread does make a difference. >> is the bread the most import ant ingredient. >> it has to be a very light t bread, its own sweetness adds to s the dessert as dwell. >> now you’reou go



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