Pavilion Liquor Controversy Over

Controversy over allowing a restaurant to serve liquor outside is over. The plan was to hold a public hearing tonight. But it turns out, that’s not necessary.
serve liquor outside… is over. the plan was to hold a public hearing tonight… but it turns out… that’s not necessary. news channel eight’s tina detelj is live in our new london newsroom at the day… to explain today’s developments. tina.the owner of the pavillion restaurant no longer needs a special permit to continue to serve alcohol outside.that’s because research was done and it turns out back in 1981 patio service at the beachfront restaurant was granted by the zoning board of appeals in old lyme. up until that recent discovery – the original liquor permit could not be found.the town questioned whether or not the pavillion’s cafe license included patio service after the soundview restaurant had its liquor license suspended for seven days in march by the state — because patrons were spotted taking their alcoholic drinks beyond the patio and onto the beach.watching this case ve



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