Patron Claims Restaurant Works Used Credit Card

A woman claims she was ripped off after eating at a northwest side restaurant.
thank you for staying up with us. i’m jacqueline ortiz. a san antonio woman claims…she was ripped-off after eating at a northwest side restaurant. she couldn’t get any answers from management…so she called news-4 woai for help. news 4 woai’s lauren lea joins us live in studio with more on what she’s uncovered. i obtained these police reports which say in the last three months, two other people had unauthorized charges show up on their accounts.. after eating at the el pollo loco restaurant near the medical center. my main concern is who is going to be the next person that they’re going to do that to? (—-) this woman didn’t want us to reveal her identity.. but she doesn’t want to hide what she says happened to her after eating at this el pollo loco on babcock. it’s just not right. that’s why i decided to call you, channel 4, because i want my voice voiced out to the public, because



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