Patio Pizza

Patio pizza
delicious patio pizza. >> when it comes to cooking the one thing everybody is short on these days is time. so i came to visit nancy hopkins, deputy food editor with better homes and gardens magazine, for a quick and easy recipe. >> that’s what i would like to show you today this. chicken rice pizza. no one will ever know it’s a prepared boboli piza crust. step 2 is simple. this has three ingredients. it starts with half a carton of ricotta cheese and a cup of shredded parmesan. buy the pre-shredded. you don’t have to grate it for this. a half teaspoon ground pepper. we’re going to spread it on top of the pizza crust. this goes in a 450 degre oven for five minutes. the top is so simple. it starts with a frozen package of corn in butter sauce. next a six ounce package of prepared chicken right out of the package. so simple. a half cup to a cup. i tend to be heavy handed. i like extra sweet



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