Pastry Chef John Barricelli

Homemade blueberry hand pies.
right. our next guest is a third generation baker. he is the host of “everyday baking” and he makes frequent guest appearances on the martha stewart show. >> he is in action there. he made the beautiful birthday cake for martha’s birthday and john barricelli joins us today. thank you for being here. >> thank you. >> what are you making today? >> something simple for memorial day, blueberry hand pies, starting in florida, north carolina, very inexpensive, store bought stry, nice dessert in a short amount of time. >> you said about six minutes. >> well, it took me six minutes. >> i will have desiree roll out the dough and sonia wil make the filling. >> this is store bought. >> store bought in the freezer section, called pastry shets, and basically you unroll them or unfold them, put down a pinch of flour underneath. >> underneath. >> and then it is so simple, because they come in squares.



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