The Love Chef whips up pasta with pumpkin sauce.
that, the love chef is busy as the co-creator of a chldren’ perhaps but has taken time here to visit is at the love shack. >> it is all about love on halloween. >> i even brought youandy because i’m doing my trick-or-treating here. >> we know, you put it in your mouth earlier. >> eat it. >> love it. that your real chocolate fix. >> i love it. >> we have such a great recipe. >> talk about it. >> look at this, i even wore my tie because it is halloween coming up here. you guys lok marvelous. >> you cok with cleopatra. >> very much alive. >> you look good after all those years ofshaking it. i don’t know how i’m going to cook here. >> this is a love chef sandwich. >> the ingredients we need to make, what is it? >> pasta with pumpkin taste sauce and we will walk and talk at he same time. several easy ingredients. in the pan i wil take this extra virgin olive oil. we want the flavors god put i



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