Pasta With Molly Crosby

Packers wife Molly Crosby loves healthy foods, but pasta is one of her weaknesses! She took us on a trip to Festival Foods to find some ways to make a healthy pasta dish.
do so many great recipes with them. in a little bit my daughter ireland is going to whip up her favorite shrimp scampi. but first, packers wife molly crosby, she’s married to packers kicker mason crosby, is always coming on the show giving us healthy tips. one of her weaknesses though is pasta. she loves it. that’s why she found a way to make it better for you. we went to festival foods with molly and she showed us some great ideas when it comes to making your pasta dish coming up next, it’s my daughter ireland’s favorite dinner. we’ll head to my house to make homemade fettucini shrimp



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