Pasta With Goat Cheese & Asparagus

We’re cooking Pasta with Goat Cheese & Asparagus in the kitchen with Wendy Curtis.
>> i have all your tricks for you. >> let’s head over to the kitchen.he patrick, you have somebody that looks familiar. >> credit this fine lady is responsible for making our news look s o good, wendy curtis, our editor on the morning show. never get to see her, buthe you get to see all ofee her fine work, but today you get to see here because she is here cooking. what are you cooking, something healthy? >> that’s how i roll. what can i tell you. we’re doing a pasta dish, it’sh, the inside time of year where y you’reyohat’s true it.>> but with a littl e betwi of a twist. we’ll do something with sprayer –ra asparagus andpas instead of infusing four difg ferent kind of go straight thto your gut cheeses, we’ll go with a light l goat cheese and mix it up and make it lighter. it’s still good. >> is this>> a personal recipe, something you justso fired up onup your own or ar family tradition?



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