Pasta, Tomatoes In A Light Savory Sauce

We’re cooking Pasta with fresh tomatoes in a light savory sauce with Alison Parker.
in the kitchen right now. >> me, absolutely. ut i am here in “the i rhode ” show” kitchen with chef alisonal parker. how are you doing?ng >> good. >> what am w i smelling,in is that mint? >> basil. >> we are cooking an italianli dish h ere. why do n’t you tell us what you’re going to make for us. >> this is a>> very simple sales.e s. the base iss regularly shallots, a little wine, and add the fresh herbs, use basil b or thyme and at the very end, toss in some quartered compari tomatoes, they come f rom mexico, it’s really the only goodd tomato you to can catch right now that tastes not like cardboard.li >> and you get th gem in the supermarket. >> yes. >> they’re easy to e get.. >> yes.>>. absolutely. a little box like that. >> so we’re goingo to put this altogether. we’re going to make the sauce, or is that called gravy, we’ll’l put it in the sauce panuc and p make it. >> we do the d sa



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