Pasta Primavera & Strawberry Salad

Shoreline Personal Chef prepares pasta primavera and strawberry salad
it is springtime and what’s better if you have a garden than bringing all the gorgeous fruits and vegetables from your garden into the kitchen. mercedes has a husband with a green thumb and she is a chef. she takes ful advantage of a husband with a green thumb. >> that’s right. you use it for your own recipes but because you are a personal chef you bring that to your client’s homes, as well. how doeshat work? >> you go shoping for th client. first you consult with the client into. >> to indicatedtory what cater to what they’re looking for. >> of course, and youo o to their kitchen and have meals ready for them. >> you’re making stuff for us today. >> yes, i am. >> what are you making. >> i’m making pasta primavera and a strawberry salad with spri grens. >> to show people if i do have these fruits and veggie in your only yard and bring them inside and incorporate this. get us started, hat



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