Pasta De Sardine

Eric Gardner shares a recipe featuring sardines that can help boost calcium in your diet.
advance. .. kota territory news at noon>> eric gardner>> we are in the kitchen. at kitchen tune-up. and kathleen cody from american bone health joins me. and we’re providing some recipes with unique ways to get more calcium in your diet. and today, we’re using sardines, which are known to be very high in calcium. kathleen cody american bone health>> kathleen cody>> very interesting. the bones, it’s in any bones in the fish, that’s where the calcium comes from. and the bones are easy to digest. eric gardner>> let’s get to the recipe. i have some garlic sauting in olive oil with some red pepper flakes. this is an italian dish … pasta with sardines. all i do is add a can of sardines in tomato sauce, just pour that into the garlic mixture. 190 milligrams of calcium in this can of sardines. i just simmer it, heat through – that easy. kathleen cody>> i think it’s very important for viewers t



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