Pasta Cosi Mother’s Day Brunch

Delicious buttermilk pancakes and scrambled eggs, crab meat, and goat cheese.
in bed? >> doesn’t it sound good. billy dilegge of pasta cosi is back with a new twist on an old standard. welcome to the show. >> thanks for having me back. >> we’re making pancakes. >> homemade pancake, fresh fruit, whip cream, maple syrup. >> scrambled eggs, lump crab meat, zucchini and goat chese. >> let’s get started on the pancakes. >> all purpose flour, dry ingredients. >> what’s this? >> sugar, baking powder. >> how many eggs? >> put those eggs in. >> how many? >> two. >> just two. >> how much milk? >> three quarters of a cup of milk. three quarters of a cup of each, give or take — >> is that butter milk? >> this is butter milk. >> you whisk them on up. >> that’s it. >> everybody who watches “connecticut style,” she whisks — >> this is at the end, once it comes together. >> we whisk it on up, billy. >> you’re doing a fantastic job. >> is the fruit on top of the pancakes? >> tha



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