Pasta Cosi 4/10

Rack of lamb from Pasta Cosi
be better than an herb-roasted rack of lamb. >> my favorite. >> billy dilege fro pasta cosi is back to teach us how. >> thanks for having me back. >> these are both traditional easter dishes. >> very classic ester dishes. normally sometimes it is the leg of lamb, this time it is the rack, a little nicer, i think. we season it with salt and pepper. >> why do you prefer this opposed to leg of lamb? >> you can serve this more medi rare. either one but this is more tender than the leg of lamb, personally. >> good to know. at are you puting on there now? >> this is dijon mustard. >> this will provide extra spice? >> absolutely. >> is this what you do for easteror your own special twist? >> i do his for this and the leg of lamb. in the recipe it calls for but ther, white mint, garlic and parsley. in the food processer it comes out like this. >> interesting you combine it like that. >> yes. ou



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