Passing Down The Love Of Cooking

Brook Taylor of STAR 105.7 loves to cook. She got the love of cooking from her mom and now she’s passing it on to her own daughter.
thank you. >> thank you. >> i would not be the cook that i am without my mother’s influence. and it is because of her mother’s influence that she has passed it down and passed on the recipes to me. >> after having three daughters, i thought it was important that theynow how to cook so i tried to pass that on. it i traditionally my family that we have a pie. that is one thing. my mother taught me how to make the pie crest an that is something i have passed ton myaughters. >> to have her directly tach my daughter she is not goin to okay, it was mom’s interpretation. she can get it right from here. today we’ll make potatoes. >> i stared making it for meals when the daughters had to go someplace,you know, and you had to get a meal in a hurry. i had atuay forgotten about it. i had this again. i went, okay. i will see if my kids like this. i grew up with it. i tried it. now when are we having



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