Party Time For Beaujolais Nouveau

Bob Burke is on The Rhode Show this morning to talk about Beaujolais Nouveau, which is the first wine of the 2009 harvest.
11:00 p.m. on wpri12. >> good morning.ng vince, thank you very t much. bob burke, i’m all over twitrter, because bob burke has been giving me liquor already and i’m justut of it and you’re not in the kitchen this morning. >> having wine for breakfast. >> we’re having wine h for breakfast. here’s the thing that i find interesting. first of all, i don’t k now even know how to say it. >> boujelais. >> and what does this mean? >> this is the first wine ofwi the 2009 harvest and this was on the vine in august, it wasst pressed in september, it was put in the bottle in october and it was shipped here for the third thursday of november, illegal to have it any time before this day. >> in the whole world. >> who was the first person in the united states to brink it this year? >> last night, last night, we had a huge crowd, at midnight, we pulled the cork, everybody grabbed a glass and we all had



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