Paradise Bakery Shares Tips For What Makes A Great Sandwich

This Valley favorite knows what people like
>>> gregory of paradise bakery is here to help us out. we’re learning about the essentials, the things that make it good. we have the recipes. >> is it true they save the best for last? >> absolutely! so what was i saying before we went to break? breads, spreads, body, garnish. okay, so if we can remember those essential ingredients to a sandwich, then you can go home and play with it and have a lot of fun. >> so starting with the bread. >> starting with breads. there are a lot of varieties of breads, but we often think of in the united states the european tradition of breads. we think about the rustic european breads, croissants, rolls, if you’re doing like a cocktail party, so you start out by choosing bread. first, fresh bread. >> fresh is best. fresh baked bread. choose fresh great bread. but try to think out of the box. you know? like a tortilla la is still bread, when you think abo



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