Papa Murphy’s – 8/21/17

Papa Murphy’s – 8/21/17
>> welcome back to “ozarks live.” we are here with matt straus from papa murphy’s. >> are you a papa? >> i just had a daughter. it goes so fast. >> was her first word pizza? >> no, maybe the third word. >> we know how this works. we order a pizza. come by and pick it up. and then we go home and bake it. >> that’s correct. we always have great values because we put — basically everything goes into the food. we don’t have to worry about overhead of the ovens. we get to give you the best possible food for the best possible price. >> you don’t skimp on anything. do you see how much cheese they put? >> if you put any more, it will not bake. >> you packed the cheese on. you are getting your money’s worth there. >> we talk about value and on the pizzas we include coupons and lots of good intentions to come back. >> i just have a stack of these in my house, i said i should put it in my glove bo



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