Panda Express

2011 is the year of the Rabbit! We speak with the folks from Panda Express about everything Chinese New Year! Join Shawn and Dao as they learn all about this wonderful time of year, and even get a recipie straight from the Panda Express kitchen!
>> dao: happy chinese new year, today is one of thmost important holidays in chinese culture. it represents a time of new beginnings and time to celebrate family, good fortune and prosperity. many families honor the time by feasting on food of good fortune. here with us peter nye and ted park with panda express. thank you for coming on. we’re so excited. but we’ll get to the food in a moment. talk about the new year’s. how long does chinese new year last. >> the festival is about 15 days. it starts today, february 3. >> dao: it’s a two-week festival, people getting together and enjoying the food and company. >> family gathering,. >> dao: tell us about what asian culture is celebrating. >> the asian countries, korea, japan. >> the vietnamese. i celebrated as a child and i love it. my favorite time of year. talk abouts chinese zodiac. the year of the rabbit. what does that symbolize? >> en



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