Pancake Preparations

It’s an annual fundraiser that Minot residents flip over…the annual Kiwanis Pancake Day. And if you haven’t gotten your tickets for this Saturday’s meal, there’s still time. In fact, there are two teams of Kiwanians just waiting to sell you some. Debbie Kuehn meets them in this week’s edition of Someone You Should Know… Yep, it’s fall in Minot…. and you know what that means… It means crimson leaves and Football games… homework and harvest… and of course pancakes… That’s right pancakes… Time for the annual Kiwanis Pancake day…. and a little friendly sparing… In this corner weighing in on every topic you can come up with the challenger…. Mike Gietzen! Mike Gietzen/Kiwanis- I actually tried to hand pick my team, and he had already taken all the good guys. So there’s probably a little discrepency there… And in this corner wearing a tweed jacket lined with admission tickets and a jug of Log Cabin syrup… our returning champ Dennis Helgeson. Dennis Helegson/ Kiwanis- A lot of prestige within the club… trophies, and stuff like that. For 45 years, Kiwanians here have been selling their melt-in-your mouth hotcakes to raise money for area youth groups. It’s grown into a great fundraiser and a friendly competition… Members split into two groups trying to see who can sell the most tickets… Dennis-I try to stack my team as well as I can. And it seems the favorite in the running…Helge’s Heroes… already has a commanding lead… Dennis-(How many do yo u personally sell?) Probably around a couple thousand… Do you have yours yet? Mike-He always bragged about how good of a pancake batter he so then last year I took over. So I rubbed him a little in the elbows there. But then it really falls into the hands of those who are making them, so I always try to slip them a few bucks here and there to make sure they’re making mine a little better than Dennis’ so. But the Gietzen Gang isn’t giving up… Mike-(Any strategy for next year?) I think I might do a little Tonya Harding/ Nancy Kerrigan type thing… you know maybe take him out at the knees keep him at home so I can try to maximize my time on the streets and minimize his . And no matter who wins this flap over flapjacks… the most important thing is they raised money for a good cause. And they had fun doing it. We think they’re some people you should know. Debbie Kuehn KX News.



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