Pancake Bfast Live

pancake breakfast live shot in springfield
no different. this morning is the world’s largest pancake breakfast happening in downtown springfield. that’s where we find 22news reporter laura hutchinson who’s live on main street where the pancake preps are underway. today is the 25th annual pancake breakfast. since this breakfast started, it is estimated to have dished up one million servings. today, there are 500 gallons of pancake batter. this friendly competition began with battle creek, michigan when the focus was on the length of the breakfast table. back in 1986, when it all started, they were serving up cerealnstead. with reports that michigan did not have a straight table, springfield took the crown for the world’s largest breakfast table. battle creek has since declined to participate in the friendly competion. 22news is working for you with a cone zone alert for downtown springfield. main street in springfield is now close



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