Pan Seared Tuna With H2O

Chef Percy Cook shows us how to cook some delicious pan seared tuna.
over to theve kitchen. patrick. >> we’re were percy cook and he’s a cook, how app hropriate it, at h2o in newport. percy,pe welcome to foxprovidence.com and we have ethis m orning be — welcome could “the rhode show” and we have pan seared tuna. it looks and smells good. what have you got. t. >> we have a bluee fin tuna here, 8 ounces, i’m goinggo to crust it a little butt with white band blackac sesame seed, we’reee w going to sear it off. that’s going to be the main focus of the plate. i’m also going to be dongbe an asian rice cake,ca withit lots of different ingredients in it, some tarind soy chili sauce and pickled vegetables, i’m going to pickle and layer those, and then the condiments in the dish, we’re goingre to use some wasabi, pickled ginger and sea weed salad. . >> wow, that’s good. h2o is where? >> right on the rhe waterfront. it’s on christie’s’s landing, thela address is 35



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