Pan Seared Sea Scallops

Pan Seared Sea Scallops
> you are nice. humor me. > she is from the kitchen at palitan making pan seared sea scallops. >> simple, light. i didn’t want to get too heavy.y. ready for the spring. i am headed for it right now. >> the weather is agreeing with you this morning. let’s list off the ingredients starting with the scallops and kind of scallops.s. they are gigantic. >> they are utin scallops. > you can get u 12 which are a little bigger but i use u 10’s. they are dry packed so they are not packed in water so they don’t t shrink up so bad when you cook them. >> i didn’t know that. now you know what happens. >> they are nice and dry. >> what are we working with here for vegetables? >> we have roasted tomatoes, baby carrots and asparagus, butter, salt and pepper. it’s a very simple dish. i didn’t make it too complicated. >> what’s the green stuff? > this i did not have on my list. it is a basically a sill lon



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