Pan Seared Scallops

We’re cooking pan seared scallops with Chef Bill Andrews from Eastside Marketplace.
that’s exciting. good stuff, court. let’s head over to the t kitchen. lily, what have you got going on in there? >> we’re making sea scallops this morning and i’m noticing the ones that are here, e,theseth are big sea scallops. >> a 10 to 20 size, ae, better size to use for this entrese is what they call a diver scallop er or a u10, which is under 10 size per pound. >> u10 sounds like a submarine. >> they’re really henice. >> bill andrews would know, he is the executive e ctihef for eastside marketplace and actually, you’ re going to, be at the so uthern new england women’sen expo. >> i’m going to be doing the same dish up there for a cooking demonstration. >> tell me what’s in it. >> well, what we have is a scallop and then there is some sesame oil, ground ginger, garlic and soy sauce and that atgets marinatedin with a squeeze of lime for that andli we’re going to make an orange ginger



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