Pan Seared Duck Breast With Cherry Balsamic Reduction

Chef Bill Adkins from Main Street Bistro in Brownsburg prepares this story.
>> remind you that our beautiful kitchen is by kitchens by design. we are putting it through the paces this morning. >> we are. we are doing it with bill. we are in thetive — kitchen and we’re going to be cooking. >> i’m not. >> we’re going to be watching. >> what are we making? >> we are doing a duck with a cherry bah sal mick reduction. it sounds hard. we debone the whole duck. say we — but — >> you do that. >> my ss-chef does that. one of the misconceptions about duck is it’s fattynd greasy. we take it off of the bone and skin it and take the bone off. we sear it. you will see it when it comes out. it’s going to come out like a steak. we are going to get it seered on both sides. >> you mentioned organic. that’s a serious ep fa sis of — emphasis of the bistro. >> everything is organic all the way down. everything we have is certified organic or all natural. >> this is the meat that



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