Pan Roasted Wahoo

Pan Roasted Wahoo
or go to thehamptonroadsshow.com. >> if you want to make your mother some wahoo, you can learn this morning from chef pete stein. is this the fennel? >> we will use this for a garnish. it has a nice flavor. >> different parts of the fennel. we want to start with the ingredients. they are appearing now on your screen and there are listed thehamptonroadsshow.com. >> we have a red onion or bermuda onion. garlic puree honey. vinegar. — garlic. butter. john was trying to steal our butter. >> a lighter dish for summertime. you said this is the season for wahoo. >> it is not this season yet. this is an early catch for this fish. this is used in hawaii. it is a heaty fish. it will — it is a heaty fish. like a tuna or swordfish. >> what do you make first? >> we start with the dressing for spirit we’re going to start with rice wine vinegar. ball summit. — the balsamic. you want to make sure eve



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