Pan Roasted Stuffed Chicken

Z-Tejas offers a delicious at-home recipe from their new winter menu
flavors of the southwest. we’re in the kitchen today with the chef telling us how to make pan roasted stuffed chicken. we welcome you back. how are you doing? >> good. how are you? >> good. i’m ready for a new year. >> so am i. >> so new possibilities and menu. >> so am i. we’re going to be doing the pan roasted chicken today. what we do is take an 8-ounce skin on chicken breast and stuff it with an apple and corn bread stuffing. >> oh. >> it’s really, really good. >> tips for stuffing though? >> you know, the way we do it you want to try and separate the skin from the meat but not completely remove it from the meat. >> okay. >> so it’s on there a little bit. >> exactly. be a little gentle. we’re just going to put the chicken skin side down and it’s doing to sizzle up a little bit. >> why skin side down? >> we’re going to crisp that skin a little bit. >> okay. >> you want to make sure yo



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