Pan Roasted Native Tautog

Pan Roasted Native Tautog with Asparagus with Executive Chef Jonathan Cambra of Newport Restaurant Group.
to come out on d.v.d. i’ll be back at the end of the show with your web poll results. for now, let’s head into the kitchen. >> jeff john cambra is like this is is a magic trick. i’m like the ginsu master. what are these things? >> that’s native tautog, native to new england waters. beautiful flavored fish. that’s the prettiest looking fish in our ocean. >> no. rick is getting this tight shot, because he really wants me to kiss this fish. am i going to do it? >> yes. >> you caught this? >> it’s beautiful. >> if this thing like moves — oh my god. ok. >> ok. ok. >> now we’re going to clean him up. >> clean him up. wait. wait, wait. we’re going to clean him up, jonathan cambra. what about me? >> you’re ok. is this a sure way to get salmonella. >> no, this fish just came out of our waters yesterday morning. >> you caught it, you pluck it had from the earth. >> some friends of mine brought it



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