Pan-fried Veal Chops

We’re cooking Pan-Fried Veal Chops with Chef John Granata of Camille’s.
now let’s head o verle to the kitchen with patrick.at >> joe zito says he’s a yankees fan and a red sox fan. >> that’s right. can we sing you something too. ? have yourself a patrick little christmas ? . >> that’s it? >> that’s the short segment. >> joe zito and john granata, need too introduction. this is any only segment, so let’s make it memorable. >> we have a recipe from the tv maitre d’ cookbook and chef, do the honors t theonre. >> we have a veal chop, which we’re going to show you right here, and basically what we’re going to do with w the veal chop ve is fan it off of the bo one, we’re e’ going to fan it back and we’re going to bread it and pan fry it so it comes out looking like this. >> let me see. this is how this works. we get the food in f front of the camera so everybody can see. how abou t this one? >> this we go. >> all right. ht >> this is are first time on the show? >>



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