Pairing Wines With Chocolate

Ray Isle, Wine Editor for Food & Wine Magazine is at the Newport Mansions Wine & Food Festival to explain how to properly pair wine with chocolate.
for now.ow >> as far as weddings w go, you haven’t heard of wedding crashers. .remember that movie? time to check back in with shawn w tempesta who i ws live in newport for the newport mansions wind and food fesfotival. >> i’m very excitewoodry this nextex topic, it’sto two i of myy favorite things, wine and chocolate. >> it’ s the way to t lily’s heart. we’re here with rayh and andrew, and you brought some delicious chocolates for us.or tell me what we have. >> what we have here is a salted nut praline, this is is raspberry with a graham cracker crust, and this is a straighttr dark bittersweet gnoche. >> currently p cro production is in garret falls. >> there is an art to matching the chocolate with the wine. >> there’s an art to everything e and there is an art to matching chocolate with wine. first i’ll say, wine is really user friendly and food friendly. you can pair, if you get a ch



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