story by kent pierce
chow down on this tasty pastry. “3, 2, 1…go!” if you ever wondered whit’s called fat tuesday, here’s your answer…these folks are competing to see how many paczkis they can eat in five minutes. what’s a paczki, you ask? “a paczki is made of flour, sugar shortening, eggs and water and yeast.””and how many calories are in one of these.””oh, not many, not many at all.” oh, no…especially after you fry all that dough in oil… and then inject it with delicious fillings like jelly and custard. it’s a polish tradition to cook them up to get rid of all the sugar and lard in the house before lent starts. and it’s a tradition in ansonia that eddy’s bakery cooks up hundreds of them every yer.-awareness for neuroblastoma. ithhood thaclmethli of my-3ugerydoa yea alag” but if team p… “yeah, gentleman joe. he’s the only professional eater we have and he ate 13 last year.” gentleman joe manchetti



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