Paccheri Al Puttanesca

We’re cooking Paccheri al Puttanesca (Pasta of the ladies of the night) with Chef John Granata and Joe Zito.
kitchen right now. vince is cooking up something delicious with two yankees fans. >> for the first time inim almost a year’s historr’y of this show, shawn does not want to me in the kitchen,ch because joe zito, our tv maitre d’, is a yankees fan, and john granata, in case c you want to past by camille’s, is also a yankees fan.. >> great to see you. there’s only one thing that would make med have a bad hairdai day and this is worth it. this is it. it’s a good day. >> you christened the stadium with a championship. >> three bottles. how would he got it out of this one, i’ll never know. >> that’s a david copperfieldel trick. what are we making today. >> we’re makingg paccheri al puttanesca, it’s attca’s classi cc dish from naples. it basically is ais dish that is very — h as very punkent ntactivities invi it, and it also has some storimeed a sctivities to it. >> we’ll get to that. >> we’ll



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