Ozarks Food Harvest – Iron Chef 2017 – 9/22/17

Ozarks Food Harvest – Iron Chef 2017 – 9/22/17
>> joy: it is style and leisure friday, but we’ve got food. welcome back christine temple from ozarks food harvest. back so soon. we love having you on. >> guest: thank you for having me. >> joy: you come on all you want to. but this time she brought a chef, alice oh. nice to see you. >> guest: thank you. >> joy: there’s a big event coming up tomorrow, ozarks iron chef at farmers park. tell us about that. >> guest: this is a great event. we do this in partnership with farmers park. and we’ll have three chefs competing in a traditional iron chef competition. the thing you see on food network, that’s what we’ll be doing right here in the ozarks. there’s an appetizer, entree and dessert court. it’s going to be hard, because they’ll have a secret ingredient they’ll learn that morning. >> joy: the secret ingredient will be from the farmers market. i’ve judged this before, and it’s fantastic!



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