Ozark Food Harvest – Tea Bar And Bites – 9/15/17

Ozark Food Harvest – Tea Bar and Bites – 9/15/17
[?] >> kelly: welcome back. we’re so excited to welcome christine with ozarks food harvest. you know and have seen here. and colleen smith. thank you for coming in. great to see you all of you. and introduce your models here >> guest: this is jacob on the end here. this is seany. our manager and baker. >> kelly: so they work with you at tea bar and bites. >> guest: yes, they do. >> kelly: you’re partnering together for an event. how did this idea come around? >> five years ago, one of my former employees were talking let’s do a fashion show and pick on organization that we can give back to the community. we felt like ozarks food harvest could accommodate and reach more people. because they do have a real problem in the ozarks. >> kelly: we definitely do. that is such a great idea. >> guest: this is our fourth annual. >> kelly: tell everybody when it is. and what it is. >> guest: it’s thu



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