Oysters Rockefeller

We’re cooking Oysters Rockefeller with Matunuck Oyster Bar.
now let’s go toso our kitchen santaa claus, vince who is making oysters rockefeller. >> we have to get courtney to at least try one with of these oysters. erthey’re just fantastic here. the owner is perry, nice to meet you, wayne, the chef, you’re the man, tell us a little bitit about what we’re going to make. we talked about what we’re making in the oyster rockefeller today. >> we’re>> making oyster rockefeller today. >> what goes intoto that? >> some spinach, chheavy cream,am butter, start off withof shallots and this liquor is pernod, it’s a botanical from france, licorice flavo r in there and you top it with some buttery crackers on top, it’s like cream and butter and buttery crackers.ut >> that’s got tot’ be fantastic. >> tell us about the rthestaurant. >> we’re down in east matunek, at we sell a lot of local produce and we usee oysters from local oyster farms and rhode island. an s



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