Oyster Stuffing

Air Date: December 30, 2010
d and it’s time for our weekly check in with chef tim at the westmark. this week, he’s showing us how to make oyster stuffing. chef tim>> “this is chef tim here in the westmark kitchen and today on fairbanks flavor we are going to be doing oister stuffing. oisters have a long tradition of holiday association in american cooking. we’re going to start out by throwing some bacon in here to get going. a little bit of butter to redeer out some of its fat. hear that nice sizzle? the oisters used to be considered poor peoples food, it’s amazing how its changed. during the holidays they were shipped across the country in barrels on trains, they were very popular from what i understand in all the red light districts. and always served christmas and new years. the recipe you can find on webcenter11.com. first you start with the bacon, diced onion, diced celery. i like to put some carrot in there t



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