Oyster Stew

A healthy soup from chef Scott Peacock, classic oyster stew.
>> cold-weather dish. i think it is delicious. you don’t have to have it just for christmas or the holidays. it is a great addition at that time of year. chopped onions — >> celery. >> chopped celery. and season it well with salt. give it a really good pinch of salt. >> kosher salt. >> that is kosher salt, your favorite salt would work. black pepper, not too much. >> tender — >> cook them until tender. you do not color the vegetables at all, mild, delicate flavor. this will take three, five minutes, cook it down until it is nice and soft. so, the vegetables are tender. we will add a little flour, not a lot, to help — >> you are not going to darken it at all. >> not at all. we don’t want to color this at all. milk, heavy cream, whisk it in. it just needs to simmer really. >> and then just slightly thickens. >> that’s it. we will bring it up to temperature now. almost at a simmer. and w



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