Oven Roasted Chicken With Au Jus Vegetables

The Sensational Singing Chef Neil Fuentes lost 20lbs in four weeks by eating right and exercising.
>> y ou know, it’s always a lot of fun when our next guest joins us in the kitchen to whipw up a favoritefate dish, the sensational singing chef neil fuentes is here with not only a great recipe but the result of an experiment. late at night he wlaasa sitinsg around in his experimentalr kitche nkin developing a concoction to lose weight. >> that was after i saw myself f in the miror. that is when everythineg started, i said it is going there, it is going there, it needs to go away. >> good eating? >> 20-pounds, four fweeks. >> so is it jsusit diet or are you working out? rk >> doing two things, eating the right way and running. that’s it. >> just eating and runni ng. how far do youou run? >> about thre to four miles a day. >> once a day.ay >> onc e ne a day in the morning, nothing in my stomach, just running. >> you’re saying eat consistently throughout the day. >> instead of three big m



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