Outlook Is Good For Potato Farmers

Not as many potatoes this year will balance prices
the numbers are looking good for idaho potato farmers this year unlike last year’s record low prices leading to potato dumping. local news 8’s brett crandall spoke with local experts to see what they predict for this year’s yield. last fall there were so many spuds… farmers were dumping them out in fields to rot away. gale harding who works with madison county farmers for the university of idaho extension office says the record breaking yield brought the lowest prices in at least 15 years. “it wasn’t only here in idaho. it was nation wide as well as world wide. worldwide it was an outstanding production year. it was an exceptional growing year for all our staple foods.” but this year a number of idaho farmers planted less… eight percent less according to the department of agriculture. the united potato growers of idaho say this is the lowest number of acres since 1965. and it is a go



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