Outback Tail-gators

outback bowl tail-gators
>>> all right. there it is in case you fell asleep before midnight like we did. it is officially 20111. we wish you all a very happy new year. we know if you celebrated the new year outdoors in bay area last night, the weather it was just picture perfect. >> there were so many people outside last night at my place setting off fireworks nonstop. we are hoping the wet continues for the outback bowl in just a few hours. tell us this is looking like a great day. >> it is looking like a great day. how is that? okay. we will have a great day. it is absolutely beautiful start, and we will continue to have a great day today aas we do ahead and look throughout this outback bowl season. we have the lot just off the property, standing by here just watch thing lot sort of fill up with the early levelers including the — you are the property owner here, you welcome these folks; right. >> i do. i enjo



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