Outback Steakhouse’s Grilled Honey Dijon Chicken

Learn how to make Outback’s grilled Honey Dijon Chicken
we have something for you. >> we do. our chef with outback steak house shows us how to prepare dijon chicken. >> good morning. i’m managing partner out of the outback steakhouse on fourth street in st. pete. we’ll cook the honey dijon chicken on this year’s fall menu. first we’ll start with the marinade with some craft honey mustard dressing and add our garlic pepper blend seasoning to it. we’re going to whisk that thoroughly. here at the outback, we make all our stuff from scratch including honey mustard dressing using the finest, freshest ingredients. now that the marinade is ready, we’ll place our chicken into it and make sure that we cover it thoroughly and will let that marinade for at least four hours, wrap with saran wrap and put inside the refrigerator. now that i have an already- marinaded piece of chicken, we’ll place on the grill at a slight diagonal. every two to three moveme



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