Outback Steak & Shrimp On The Bbq

Learn Outback’s secret to their famous steak and shrimp on the bbq
thank you, bill. >>> a lot of folks will fire up the grill. > >> one chef from outback steakhouse shows us how to prepare their steak on and shrimp on the barbie. >> good morning. we’ll grill a couple of labor day favorite, outback special sirloin and shrimp on the barbie, fee churned the fall mean you. to grill the perfect state we start with usda choice or prime steak season generously with our seasoning here. you can use magic meat seasoning in your local grocery store to simulate the seasoning that we use at outback steakhouse. we want to allow the steak to sit 15 minutes prior to grilling. we don’t want a cold steak on a hot grill because the juice will flow out for a drier steak. place one-half ounce ladle of butter in the center of the grill. then place the steak directly in the center of that. all right, while that’s on the grill, we’ll go ahead and put our shrimp on the grill no



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