Our Town Ripon: Vines & Rushes Winery

Our Town Ripon: Vines & Rushes Winery
up next. >>> welcome to our town ripon. wherever we go will we like to get a taste of what the community has to offer. you can do a lot of wine tasting in ripon >> millaine: we have the co-owner. fabulous to have you. coffee is one thing, but we are happy to see wine. >> it’s my job, so i can actually start early. >> millaine: give us a history of your vineyard and winery. >> the vineyard started in 2007. we planted our first 50 vines.we grew to about five acres which is about 2500 vines. it snowballed. it keeps growing bigger and bigger. the winery started in 2012. it has been growing ever since. we added on to our facility a couple times. we have increased our production significantly over that period of time. we have increased the number of events we do and our customer base has grown dramatically.>> lisa: what kind of wine can we taste when we visit? >> 100 percent wisconsin grown gr



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