Osso Buco

The Inn at Villa Bianca prepares Osso Buco.
>> oh, you’re going to fall in love with our next guest. weather you’re getting married or just celebrating life’s special moments, sthe inn at villa bianca in seymour always takes that extra step to make it is a reflection of your yotastes. it is completely remodeled, this is a beautiful location with remodeledre stairs and foyers. joing us now is chef tony who is going to make a special dish that he says is burstinbg with flavors. after the last time, you still came back. >> always. >> so nice to see you. what are we preparing today?t >> today we prepare osso buco, veal shank, nice to cook for four people and when you geo toyo the. butter, get four urpieces – when you go to the butcher, get four pieces like that. >> osso buco. >> and y can serve it with pallenta or with risotto. we glaze it, we get it brown, and then wait for that in the time — >> you do that because i’m not going to



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